What do you get if you cross a community centre, a laboratory, a studio, a gallery, science centre and a museum? The exciting hybrid model of the Institute of Imagination is certainly one of a kind. It will be a world-class London destination with children at its heart.

imagination matters

Every child is born with the capability to imagine – bursting with curiosity, wonder and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But children today have less time and space than ever to flex their imaginations.

We’re creating a climate where ideas can thrive. A new way to develop future generations of makers, not just consumers. And a public space that prioritises imagination.

To bring the Institute of Imagination to life, we’re working with experts, teachers, parents and – most important of all – children. All united by the belief that imagination matters.

making it happen

We’re already working with organisations spanning the arts, science, technology and education, and we’ve carried out one of the UK’s largest ever pre-opening consultations with children.

We’ve sparked the imaginations of over 10,000 children and their families through our Imagination Lab and reached hundreds through our in-school Imagination Pods.

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