Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

The Institute of Imagination has run Mini Maker Faires in London in 2015 and 2016. Our iOi Mini Maker Faire’s focus on children and their families with nearly 100% of our Makers providing activities that allow children to make with their hands or through tools and technologies that they may not have access to.

In 2017 we will be back with our third Mini Maker Faire and we are aiming for an even bigger Faire. Watch this space for further announcements and calls for Makers.

iOi Mini Maker Faire 2016 – See our photo gallery here

Virtual reality – robotics – animation – crafting – coding – 3D printing

In June 2016 iOi held their second annual Mini Maker Faire on London’s Southbank providing opportunities for children and their families to explore, imagine and create with us and our 25 Makers partners. London’s only Maker Faire in 2016, our two-day celebration of invention and innovation saw over 1000 participants attend. In addition we worked with primary schools in the week leading up to Maker Faire alongside our educational partner Blippar to provide a unique workshop that built an urban jungle with Blippable children’s stories coded into their work. You can read more about the programme here.

Our Mini Maker Faire brought together makers of all kinds, keen to collaborate and explore the latest ideas with curious young minds. Hands-on and brains-on, the Faire enabled children to discover new skills and explore new worlds of making with crafters, tech enthusiasts, engineers, artists, scientists and exhibitors. Not just for children, we also encouraged grown-ups to rediscover their imaginations, and share the exciting possibilities of modern making and creating with their children.

A HUGE thank you to all our brilliant Makers who helped us create a truly imaginative event. More information about our Makers and their activities can be found at the bottom of this page below.

Mini Maker Faire 2015

Check out the video of last year’s Mini Maker Faire, to see what to expect!

What did people say about last year?

“Fantastic way for kids to explore their abilities and inherent talent”

“Fantastic event, lots of fun. Would love to come again”

“Fair to say that we enjoyed every single minute!”

Institute of Imagination Mini Maker Faire 2016 Programme 


School of Noise
Make some noise with the science of sound, exploring small modular synthesisers, drum machines and a telegraph key. Control synths and samplers using interfaces such as vegetables and conductive paint and watch tuning forks demonstrate resonance.

It’s time to augment your reality! Using the amazing Blippar app, make an urban animal and bring it to life with your mobile phone. An exciting workshop for anyone who enjoys creating stories and playing with reality.

Be part of the solution! Create restrictions on your hands using masking tape or string to see how it affects simple everyday tasks such as buttoning a shirt. Your challenge is to model solutions to make performing these tasks possible, then test your designs.

OhBot Robot
Learn to code using Ohbot Robot – children will have enjoy programming a creative robot, modelled on themselves, enabling it to talk, display emotions, act, react and solve real world problems.

Explore the amazing world of 3D printing, watching the printers in action from design to production, and playing with the finished printed objects. Find out about the incredible possibilities of this new technology first-hand.

Create computer-controlled artwork with MiroBot. Learn about robotics and how to build and programme your own wifi robot. then make it draw its own masterpieces.

Restart Project
Always wanted to know how your favourite toy actually works? Bring it to the Restart Project and you can open it up, tinker and learn to fix it. An inspirational activity that addresses both sustainability, fun and creativity (Sunday only).

Combine arts and science and come and work (and play) at the OKIDO up-cycling toy factory! Design and make a toy of your own and discover the stages of the design process along the way.

Be wowed by a Virtual Reality experience. Create art in VR, lean how how VR is actually made and create your own tools to remake your world.

Rock Art
Design your own pebble using pens and paint. Paint names, letters, faces, patterns, insects, animals and also print on your creation. Your imagination has no limits, so use your rock painting art in any way you like. 

Mural Kid
Create an immersive story wall of meaningful moments and memories from your family. Join us in time travel, where childhood heroes, imaginary characters and stories from across generations meet and weave these into a mural.

The Renaissance Atelier
Combine the classic techniques of clay sculpture with the freeform of modern ideas and imagination to produce fantastic physical pieces of art to take away and display.

Go all-out and create your own play space with this life-size building activity. Mini makers are encouraged to build structures, playscapes and narratives using panels, sail cloths, ropes and much more.

National Museum of Computing
Come and watch up to 12 vintage computers in working condition. Play games or program at the exhibit, and be amazed by just how much computers have evolved in the past few decades.

Digital Discoverers
Build your own game in Scratch and design your own characters to put in play. Coding has never been so much fun – come and see what you can create.

Make a computer, learn what’s inside, play with code and spark a lifelong passion for computing and the arts.

Drone Ops
Try your hand at flying a quadcopter and learn to fly drones on a simulator. Or go back to basics, drones might be the new kid on the block, but our paper plane workshop will help you take to the air wherever you are.