Mini Maker Faire: 29 July 2017 

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning. The Institute of Imagination has run Mini Maker Faires in London for the last two years, providing activities that allow children to make with their hands or through tools and technologies that they may not have access to.

In July 2017, the Institute of Imagination held its third annual Mini Maker Faire on London’s Albert Embankment. Our family focused Faire showcased a diversity of makers who blended crafting with coding, puppetry with invention and robotics with gaming.

Over 700 visitors took part in 20 maker-led workshops that provided participants with the opportunity to try out new tools, apply their creative skills and use their imagination to invent new products. As part of the Faire, the Institute of Imagination set up a special Invention Lab, enabling children to rapidly prototype ideas in a physical environment using scrap materials but also using digital tools. Working with Kids Invent Stuff we set the challenge to invent ‘underwater gadgets’. Using the Lab’s HTC Vive we used Gravity Sketch, a digital visual and spatial thinking tool, to design ideas in an immersive 3D environment.

Red Robotics brought their coding Soccerbotz powered by Arduino and Everyone Can Programme set programming challenges using Hummingbird, which saw the creation of physical robotic structures. The National Museum of Computing brought a selection of classic computers and international publisher DK Books helped children create lollipop explosions amongst other maker activities.

Other partners included:

  • 3D design and printing with Ultimaker’s Create Educate
  • ZappyKit with #YoSTEAM
  • Cars, flying craft and robots with Robert Workshop
  • Rock art
  • Wack-a-Cosmo
  • Floats & rafts with Learn with Ojo
  • Mini tapestries with Creative Sparkworks
  • Puppetry makers
  • Do it kits electronic instruments
  • Okido Magazine

A big thanks to Trotec for supporting the event and lending their Laser Cutter.

iOi Mini Maker Faire 2016 – See our photo gallery here

Virtual reality – robotics – animation – crafting – coding – 3D printing

In June 2016, iOi held their second annual Mini Maker Faire on London’s Southbank providing opportunities for children and their families to explore, imagine and create with us and our 25 Makers partners. London’s only Maker Faire in 2016, our two-day celebration of invention and innovation saw over 1000 participants attend. In addition, we worked with primary schools in the week leading up to Maker Faire alongside our educational partner Blippar to provide a unique workshop that built an urban jungle with Blippable children’s stories coded into their work. You can read more about the programme here.

Our Mini Maker Faire brought together makers of all kinds, keen to collaborate and explore the latest ideas with curious young minds. Hands-on and brains-on, the Faire enabled children to discover new skills and explore new worlds of making with crafters, tech enthusiasts, engineers, artists, scientists and exhibitors. Not just for children, we also encouraged grown-ups to rediscover their imaginations, and share the exciting possibilities of modern making and creating with their children.

A huge thank you to all our brilliant Makers who helped us create a truly imaginative event.

Mini Maker Faire 2015

Check out the video of our first Mini Maker Faire to see what to expect!

What did people say about the event?

“Fantastic way for kids to explore their abilities and inherent talent”

“Fantastic event, lots of fun. Would love to come again”

“Fair to say that we enjoyed every single minute!”