We’re creating a new world-class cultural destination in London dedicated to children and families.


The Institute of Imagination Campus will be a space like no other. Children, families and schools from London and beyond will be able to explore, experiment, make, play and create together. Through their own interests and ideas visitors will be able to explore and apply their imagination, creating their own journey and unique experience in one amazing and extraordinary environment.

Centred on the methodology of developing imagination through experimentation, play and making, the Campus will be at the heart of all the Institute of Imagination’s activities, giving scale and focus to our vision, driving research and practice. It will be the hub for our physical and digital projects, Imagination Lab and Imagination Pods.

Located in central London, the space will be ambitious in size. Architecture and design, fluid and flexible spaces, evolving content and programmes will be integrated to create an immersive and memorable experience.


The Institute of Imagination is based on the unusual idea of creating a new kind of organisation set up to explore the extraordinary ability of humans to conceive and invent. I am excited to be helping with the conception of such a place that draws no distinction between the conventionally separated artistic, scientific and commercial spheres of human thinking.

Thomas Heatherwick CBE, Founder of Heatherwick Studios