At the Imagination Lab, we run a range of events of families with children aged 5-12 years. At many events, we offer sponsored places for families who receive government tax credits, allowances and benefits. Find out more about how to register for sponsored places at our events here.

Sponsored places at the Imagination Lab

If you’re a household that receives support, you can book free places at some of our events, which are sponsored. The events range from drop-off camps exploring robotics, coding and creativity using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 kits, BBC micro:bit, Scratch 3 and more fun technology to family experience like our summer Mega Maker Lab. Find out what’s open for booking on this page and follow the links to register for your place. To register for sponsored places, you must receive any of the the following tax credits, allowances and benefits:

  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Free school meals
  • Universal Credit
  • Be registering for a child or children in care

If you don’t receive any of the above support, but feel you may be eligible, please email us, as we may have a programme suitable for you and your family. If you’re not eligible for a sponsored place and just want to see what’s on, you can see all our events on our what’s on page and book tickets.

Mega Maker Lab 1-31 August 2019
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Book for Mega Maker Lab: Celebrating Neurodiversity (a quieter day on 13 August which may be preferable for those with Special Educational Needs)

A major summer experience for children aged 5-12 and their parents or carers to experiment, tinker and play together. Imagined by young minds for the next generation of inventors and makers. Explore across 5 creative zones where you can:

  • Imagine and play as a family with collaborative building activities and challenges.
  • Be inspired in the ideas zone and design and invent ideas to change the world.
  • Take on challenges like making something fly or move with tools and up-cycled materials.
  • Try out tools in a safe space to bring ideas and inventions to life.
  • Test your ideas and prototype with wind machines, ramps and more.
  • Get tips from experts and share your ideas in a pop-up open arena

Every visit can be something different, as it’s all about building, making, inventing and playing. The Mega Maker Lab is a summer experience imagined by 100 young Londoners in collaboration with the Institute of Imagination and architectural educators MATT + FIONA.

Lab Liftoff: Bricks and Code

Book: Tuesday 13 August 
Tuesday 27 August (sponsored places fully booked)

At this drop-off event children aged 7-12 will experiment with robotics using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Kits. They will design and build LEGO robots and make them move by learning the basics of coding. The robots will be designed to take on challenges the children want to solve – anything from tackling air pollution to picking up rubbish.

Lab Liftoff: Light Art

Book: Thursday 15 August
Book: Thursday 29 August

At this drop-off event children aged 7-12 will learn the basics of creating and operating simple circuits using conductive materials including aluminum, copper tape and conductive paint. After successfully building a range of circuits, they will create pieces of art that can light up. They can then add actions to their circuits like illuminating a house when the door is opened.

Lab Liftoff: Robot Zoo

Book: Wednesday 14 August
Book: Wednesday 28 August

At this drop-off camp, children aged 7-12 can design an interactive robot animal to add to the Robot Zoo. Using BBC micro:bit, a tiny programmable computer, children will design and make their robots using motors, lights and sensors and arts and craft materials. BBC micro:bit is used in schools, so this is a great way to improve skills for school and learn how to take BBC micro:bit to the next level.

Summer Masterclasses

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in August we have one hour masterclasses covering exciting topics like virtual reality, trying out animation, building hologram viewers and learning how to create digital sounds. These Masterclasses include entry to the Mega Maker Lab. There are sponsored places at all our masterclasses, follow the links below to book the dates you want to attend. A masterclass ticket includes entry for one adult and one child to the Mega Maker Lab. You must stay with your child at the Masterclasses and throughout your time at the Mega Maker Lab.

Virtual Worlds Masterclass
Book 16 August
Book 23 August
Book 30 August
Enter into new virtual worlds and understand the technology behind virtual reality. Children will be introduced to virtual reality and will developed an idea to build a new world. Children will explore VR using the Imagination Lab’s smartphones and special headset viewers.

Sphero Racetrack Masterclass
Book 24 August
Working in pairs, children will learn how to move and control the Sphero, a cute round robot. They will then go on to explore using programming language to control more movements. After getting to grips with the gadget, children will then be challenged to race their Sphero around the Sphero racetrack.

Holographic Machines Masterclass
Book 17 August
Book 31 August
We’ll be creating holographic viewers. In this workshop children will use plastic material to construct a special pyramid that when used with a smartphone can display the magic of a real life hologram. The workshop involves making the viewer and experimenting with a range of holograms using smartphones from the Imagination Lab.

Animation Exploration Masterclass
Book 25 August
Children will explore stop motion animation to create their own short animation film.Using characters, scenes and props children will find out how to use Zu3D Animation Software to capture images of their imaginary scene. Once children have captured their movie, they can add a voiceover, sound effects and background music.

Make Some Noise Masterclass
Book 18 August
Children will explore code, conductivity, sound and music by learning how to create circuits and using computer code and improvised sound and music. This is a fun workshop with the opportunity to programme sound effects using everyday items including fruit!