Lambeth Digital Heroes

The Digital Heroes programme across the London Borough of Lambeth was a fantastic success. We worked with the Southwyck Coding and Arts Centre, Baytree, Grove Adventure Playground and Lambeth Virtual Schools to provide core digital skills and digital literacies to disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

Feedback from parents and children on the 5-week Digital Heroes programme:

“It made him more confident with coding and computers. Normally he would just go home and watch videos. So this has given him something different to do with his laptop. It made him more creative” – Parent

“We made a smart city and we used the Microbit and the MergeCube to create it. The Microbit helps to regulate traffic.” – Child

“This is our city. There is a house, a tree, and a car. We programmed the Microbit to sense the noise in the city. If the volume is over 100 it would say ‘Too loud!’.” – Child

“They were really entertained, and it really sparked their imagination and kept them busy. They’ve used iPads before, but not coding.” – Parent