Creating your own animation is easy. Here’s how.

At Imagination Lab we like using digital tools to enliven playful and imaginative activities. We have been using the Vine app to create short animations.

Vine is used to capture short six second videos using a smartphone or tablet, but you can also create what we call ‘stop frame animations’ (the method used for making the Wallace and Gromit films).

Why not give it a go? 

What you will need

Access to a smartphone or tablet with a video camera. (Ask an adult if you need and get them involved, it’s fun!)

The Vine app, which is free. Download it here.

You will need to sign up for a free Vine account, which you can keep private just for you and your family (make sure you check the settings).

It’s good to have a white backdrop and a table to work on. Use white paper or card to create a clean background. A3 size is best.

Some material to help you animate an object: play dough is ideal, but a toy or object with moving parts is also good.

How to get started

In the Vine app click on the green camera at the bottom of the screen to open up the video screen on your smartphone or tablet.

Each time you tap or press on the screen, the Vine app will record video. What you want to do is tap the screen and then let go as if you were taking a picture. You will see a green bar along the top of the screen: this indicates the progress of your animation.

Keeping the camera in the same position, make small movements with your object and tap the screen after each small movement. This creates the animation.

You can take lots of pictures or just a few, it depends how long you hold your finger down. Once the green bar reaches the end of the screen your animation is complete.

Your six second film will play on a loop. Does it show your character or object moving?

It might take a few goes to get it right, so keep trying!

Check this example video here for inspiration.

If you like, you could ask an adult to tweet your animations to us @ImaginationLdn

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