Give the gift of imagination this festive season

Imagination is the cornerstone of creativity, problem solving and innovation, all vital skills for the future. We have set up the Institute of Imagination to help imagination flourish and give children an opportunity to explore and re-imagine the world.

Through our outreach programme we have sparked the imaginations of over 5,000 children to date, children like Mason:

Earlier this year we took one of our Imagination Pods (portable resources for schools), to a Primary School, with a special needs department, in South West London. Over the course of our two weeks working with the school we saw again the impact child-led, flexible play can have on children with special needs.

The Deputy Head said that a 9-year-old boy called Mason was their biggest surprise. Mason, who is on the autistic spectrum, struggled with social skills and communication. He rarely talked when standing still, usually ‘travelling’ when he did talk. He never looked at himself in the mirror and tended to look down at the floor.

Using the Sound Muddle Imagination Pod Mason overcome some of his difficulties with communication. He particularly loved the wireless digital recording microphone and headphones – with these tools he could stand still whilst singing into the mike and looking confidently into the mirrors in the playground or at his reflection in a window. The teachers were delighted to find hours of his happy recordings.

With high quality tools, such as the Imagination Pods, and with the expert support of our practitioners, we can deliver real impact even in a short space of time. Mason is just one of the hundreds of children we have worked with this year, many of whom face similar challenges, and we look forward to working with many hundreds more in the year ahead.

As you prepare to give gifts to your loved ones this festive season, it would be wonderful if you would also consider supporting the Institute of Imagination in reaching more children like Mason. Children, parents and teachers love what we do, but it is only with the generosity of people like you that we can continue our crucial work inspiring the imaginations of children.

£4.50 could give one child the chance to visit the Institute of Imagination’s week long takeover at Chats Palace Art Centre, a progressive arts centre in Hackney, a borough which has the second highest deprivation levels in England. This event will encourage children and their families to problem solve, be creative and get innovating.

£10 could give one child the chance to visit our mobile Imagination Lab. The Lab invites children to experiment, innovate and play, allowing them to explore any topic through the lens of imagination.

£28 could help one child access an Imagination Pod for two weeks. The Pods are mobile units which travel to schools and community centres and are filled with a treasure trove of materials to engage and inspire children through creative learning.

To make a donation, please click here.

Thank you for considering making a gift of imagination this festive season.



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