The creative minds at communications agency Vista explain how they brought the Institute of Imagination’s story to life using seamless animation.

We think imagination matters – do you?

What do you get if you cross a community centre, a laboratory, a gallery, science centre and a museum? This isn’t a dad joke, we promise. This exciting hybrid model is the Institute of Imagination, a world-class London destination with children at its heart.

Every child is born with the capability to imagine – bursting with curiosity, wonder and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. But children today have less time and space than ever to flex their imaginations.

The Institute of Imagination creates a climate where ideas can thrive; a public space where imagination is priority.

Bringing the brand story to life

We’ve produced a promotional film to bring the Institute’s approach to life and tell the story of their values, brand and experience.

Producer/Director Max Woodworth explains: “It was really rewarding to play a part in building such a great charity’s profile. The Institute of Imagination will be developing future creative minds. And these minds could possibly even be the future of Vista.”

We wanted to challenge the usual charity promotional film and create something that truly expressed the creativity and value of the Institute of Imagination.

Armed with the charity’s brand narrative and guidelines, Max, Jethro and Charley led the creative development of the film – from scripting, to visual concepts and a seamless animation approach.

Charley began writing the script from the charity’s narrative. She explains, “We used their unique values to build an aspirational brand story, captivating viewers’ own imaginations. Imagination is key in our industry, so I feel privileged to have written a script for a company that cares so much about keeping imagination alive in future generations.”

Jethro then created an animation telling the story of the charity through the shapes and colours of their logo. He said, “In the same way one idea grows into another idea, we built a seamless journey through the film with each graphic evolving into the next. It involved a lot of planning and experimenting in After Effects to morph each graphic perfectly with the voice over.”

See for yourself

We’re all really proud to have worked on this project and be given the creative freedom to make a film that pushes past traditional charity advertising. And, we used our very own Bea Pearson’s voice talent to bring the script to life.

Scriptwriter: Charlotte Wicks

Motion Graphics Artist: Jethro Myers

Post-Production Consultant: Craig Millward

Producer/Director: Max Woodworth

Voiceover Artist: Beatrice Pearson


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