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Arguably ‘imagination’ does not need a dedicated space. Mind wondering and daydreaming, both imagination enablers, can happen anywhere at anytime. But we believe that imagination needs to be nurtured. In the right environment, imagination leads to ideas and ideas, as we have seen over the last few hundred years, have led to wonderful inventions. Imagination has propelled humanity into space, brought language and the printed word to the world and created a digital information age that is making us smarter, wiser and more connected.

Everything we have created began as an idea and in a rapidly changing world, the pace of which is unprecedented, ideas will need to come thick and fast. At The Institute of Imagination we are growing a unique space that we believe will foster imagination and facilitate new ideas. It is important now because the way we learn, work, live and communicate are all being disrupted on a scale that we have not seen before.

Imagination Lab, our new dedicated space on Albert Embankment near the Thames, is the next phase of our plan to bring an Institute of Imagination campus to London. It will be welcoming, playful, innovative and fresh. We will work with the best of London’s creative, scientific and technological community to bring vibrant programmes: family workshops, large experienced based events, school visits and skills camps. Most importantly we will place children at the heart of the experience, inviting them to enquire and question through a range of imaginative themes.

We are running some events for children and their families to taste a sample of what’s to come and to tell us how they would like to see the Imagination Lab to develop. In the run up to Christmas we will fit the space with furnishings and equipment and begin to release details about our 2017 programme that will explore a range of activities including robotics, neuroscience, fixing, theatrics, making, augmentation, computer coding and crafting.

We are at an exciting new stage and we are looking forward to sharing it with the many curious minds who will visit Imagination Lab in 2017. To avoid missing out on updates about our future programme of workshops and events please also sign up to our newsletter below.

If you would like to play a part in helping children to develop the creative and imaginative skills they will need for the future, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line at

Tom Doust, Director of Experience and Learning


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