iOi’s Sound Muddle Pod

The Institute of Imagination team visits Hampstead Parochial School.

In July the Institute of Imagination’s Sound Muddle Pod was resident at Hampstead Parochial School for two weeks. During that time all 240 children at the school interacted with it. Teachers really benefitted from access to resources that they otherwise wouldn’t have in their classrooms and that gave them new ideas.

A Year 3 teacher said he was able to integrate it into the science curriculum, as it offered resources they would never have been able to access, and this really supported him in considering new creative ways to deliver science lessons in the future. In literacy sessions, children in his class wrote stories to which they added sound effects using the sound muddle, recording them for audio books to share with the whole class. One teacher observed that using the Imagination Pod as stimuli gave the children more confidence with free writing, without requiring direction in what to do or create. “This is really good for independence and creativity.”

Children from a Year 4 class developed plays involving the characters they had made through the dressing up section of the Pod. For some of the groups the sound cues on the Sound Muddle directly led the narratives, while other groups came with stories that they animated with selected sounds.

“The thing that was really great was all the sounds and the costumes because you could be really creative and imaginative. I liked the morph suits because if you’re in them you can pretend to be anyone.”

Year 4 child

“The costumes gave us ideas for the characters. We knew we wanted it to be silly. When we had the story made we could add new sounds that we can’t make. It made the story better.”

Year 4 child

“The costumes can really inspire you if you are struggling with ideas.”

Year 4 child

The Deputy Head identified the benefits of interaction across different age ranges, and the importance of a shared learning space in which younger children can instruct older peers:

“I have walked past and seen so many classes using the Pod. Every class has enjoyed using it. Younger kids have shown the year 6s how to use it, because they had the sessions with you. That is very rare, it is so play based that everyone can get involved.”

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