The Clore Prize imagination lab

Throughout the autumn, our Lab is taking the form of a geodesic dome, an immersive space that enables children and families to explore their imagination through storytelling and stop frame animation. The curated futuristic-themed space is part of our work with People United and RCA commissioned designer Goldie Chadhuri.

Between 17 – 20 September the Lab opened its triangular doors to school and family groups from across London. Once in the dome, children and their carers were asked to think about when the future is and what impact their inventive ideas could have on the future. They were offered prompts, including the future of food, homes, learning and playing and of course space travel.

500 visitors brought their ideas alive through the use of stop-frame animation. Using props, crafts, iPads and the Stop Motion Studio app, ideas were crafted into stories and ultimately short films. No-one knows exactly what the future will hold but children have the ability to imagine, fantasise and dream up inventive new ideas, arguably an ability many of us lose as we become adults.

Family       Dome

From flying cars and vehicles that run on fruit extract to time portals and evolution on Mars, over 100 videos captured ideas that might begin to give us a glimpse into the future through a child’s eye.

The Lab is now on its way to Kent to work with families in Ramsgate before returning to London to pop up in schools later this year.


View some of the short animations below including ‘Future City’, ‘Mars Evolution’ and ‘Flying Car 2024’.

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