Our upcoming Lab Live will explore the theme “Why oh Why?”, but why is the ability to ask questions such an important skill?

Any parent or carer will recognise that the inquisitive nature of a child can be insatiable. Children are often learning anew, making discoveries about the world for the first time, and so the word “why” may be a familiar one in your household. Why is the sky blue? Why do planes stay up in the air? Why do dinosaurs live in the TV and not in real life? The average mother is apparently asked more questions in one hour than a teacher or doctor, and research shows that children ask an average of 73 questions a day.

Asking Why

Although frustratingly repetitive (and tricky to answer) at times, these “why” questions and their all-important answers are responsible for shaping a child’s outlook on the world. New knowledge, a belief system and potentially life-long interests are formed by asking why.

“As children grow up it’s natural to be curious about the world around them. As parents it’s easy to forget just how much of our children’s knowledge comes from what we tell them.” – Dr. Sam Wass

We believe in the power of ‘why’

We’re dedicating an entire weekend at the Imagination Lab to the power of exploration and discovery. At Lab Live: Why oh Why? children (and adults!) will be able to get hands-on and brains-on with over 15 activity stations delving into questions such as:

  • What is my habitat?
  • What makes a city?
  • What causes lift-off?
  • What am I made of?
  • What’s inside my body?
  • Why do I fall?
  • Why do I fly?
  • Why do I dream?
  • Why does sound travel?
  • Why do I move?

We’re teaming up with a fantastic range of partners to deliver these activities. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect on the day:

  • Square Egg, an illustration collective, will be asking you to create paper creatures to fill their giant art mural composed of a variety of habitats.
  • Mama Codes will be exploring and animating movement through a series of interactive coding projects, using the ScratchJr app.
  • Code Kids Robotics will be helping children to discover the relationship between forces and motion, using Lego models and motors.
  • Arun, an aeronautical engineer, will be challenging the fundamentals of flight and demonstrating the complex phenomenon of aircraft lift.

Young inventors and explorers will be able to use and stretch their imaginations for creative outcomes and answers. Join us on Saturday 29 or Sunday 30 September (half day and full day tickets are available).

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