How to make ice grow before your very eyes!

As the evenings and nights get darker and colder, sometimes you need to make the winter wonderland come to you! Here is a simple, winter-themed experiment that you can do at home when it’s just too cold to go outside.

With a few simple tools, you can make ice grow before your eyes!

This is a really simple, but cool experiment. All you need is:
A freezer
A plastic bowl or tub (maybe an empty ice cream tub)
2 or 3 500ml plastic bottles of water
Some ice (ice cubes from an ice tray or a bag in the freezer would work perfectly)
Optional: food colouring for the bottled water

How to do it

Step one
Fill your bottles of water and add food colouring if you are using it. Close the top tightly and place them in the freezer. Make sure the bottles are flat, it works the best that way.

Step two
Leave the bottles of water in the freezer for 2hrs 45mins. Maybe set a timer, so your water won’t be frozen solid. If there is a big block of ice in the bottle, it’s too frozen. Just leave it out of the freezer for a bit!

Step three
Just before you get your water from the freezer, grab a plastic container and put some ice cubes in it. Make sure there’s room in the container for some water to collect in it.

Step four
Remove the extremely cold water from the freezer very, very gently. If it’s knocked or shaken at this point the water could turn into ice before you’re ready to start the experiment.

Step five
Now pour a steady, gentle stream of water over the ice cubes. More ice will form quickly and it’ll begin to grow! See how tall you can make your ice tower. To make the ice grow as tall as possible, the most important thing is to keep the water pouring nice and steadily in one spot. Keep the stream of water going and move it around, try and grow ice all around your container and over the sides. If you use coloured water, you can create a multicoloured winter wonderland!

Check out this video for inspiration.

How about asking an adult to film your ice growing experiment? You can tweet it to us @ImaginationLdn

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