Our core beneficiaries are children aged five to eleven and their families, often from the most marginalised communities and deprived areas.

Our work directly supports these children to give them access to award winning creative learning programmes through school or within their home environments to be able to tinker, explore, be creative and imagine endless possibilities.

Our work helps children to develop the following competencies:


– A failure positive attitude – things don’t always work and that’s ok, there are other options to explore.


– Critical thinking – tinkering, exploring and being creative all lend themselves to asking questions and being curious which builds critical thinking skills.


– Teamwork and Collaboration – we know that every success needs a good team.


– Communication – our programmes encourage children to communicate when creating and exploring with each other, when providing opinions, asking questions and in show and tell moments.

Our work is made possible by grants, donations, sponsorship and consulting. Our partners are leaders, innovators and social champions that believe in equality, diversity, inclusion and environmental sustainability. They have included governments and local councils, community groups, international and local grant-giving charities and large organisations such as LEGO, Tate, The British Council and Rolls-Royce.

If you would like to join us to support our valuable work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with kimberley@ioi.london.


Thank you!

we believe imagination matters. do you?

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