The Institute of Imagination is a charity creating space to re-imagine our world, together. Our goal is to spark imaginations everywhere and encourage creative learning through our events, training, partnerships and research.

what do we do?

From the first mark on a cave wall to the first footsteps on the Moon, our greatest developments have begun with leaps of someone’s imagination. We believe imagination is a vital human resource and that it needs space to thrive. Our activities provide that much needed space.

We run activities for children and young people, families, schools, adults and educators under our ‘Imagination Lab’ programme in a variety of locations across London and beyond. Find out what activities are coming up on our what’s on page.

We champion new ways to develop future generations of makers, not just consumers.

our approach

Rather than seeking to change the world, we recognise that the world is already changing rapidly. Our focus is on ensuring children, young people, families, adults and educators are supported to develop the skills they will need to thrive in an uncertain future. That means creating a radically new approach to learning and development.

We are:

  • Collaborative. We believe in working together, sharing ideas and problem solving as a community, across generations.
  • Inter-disciplinaryWe believe in the fundamental need for inter-disciplinary learning, combining the arts, sciences and digital technologies.
  • Failure positive. We believe in ideas and imagination and think the best learning opportunities come through an iterative approach.
  • Playful. We believe there is enormous value in learning through play, we believe that through play vital skills for the future are developed.
  • Participant-led. We believe in experiential learning environments that strongly encourage participants to lead their learning, avoiding pre-determined outcomes.

We develop tangible skills (from coding and engineering to making and electronics) combined with the intangible skills needed throughout our lives (including imagination and creativity, collaboration and problem solving). Underpinning this, we focus on wellbeing, so children and adults have the confidence and resilience to shape their futures together. See the iOi in action on Youtube

iOi Enterprise: The charity’s trading subsidiary, iOi Enterprise Ltd, carries out some of the day to day activities of the charity including the Imagination Lab programme and a range of outreach programmes. iOi Enterprise Ltd supports the activities of the charity and all profits it generates goes back into the charity through Gift Aid.


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