At the Institute of Imagination, we believe imagination is the superpower of the 21st Century, and that all children have the power to be creative and think imaginatively, which opens the door to a wealth of other competencies. Explore the different ways that we connect with our families & communities.

Digital Heroes

Digital Heroes is a programme designed to build confidence, aspiration and wellbeing, as well as core digital skills and digital literacy and will serve vulnerable communities. The first Digital Heroes programme has been held across a number of community hubs in the London Borough of Lambeth.

The iOi has, and will continue to partner with community organisations, to ensure the most vulnerable communities can be reached. ​




Imagination Box

The iOi Imagination Box is a sensory pack bursting with activities and specialist materials.  The fantastic activities include making a Squeeze Fidget and a Lava Lamp guided by Step-by-Step instructions in your Imagination Box project booklet.

The current recipients of the Imagination Box are children and families with SEND, and thanks to The LEGO Group, has been distributed to SEND families across the UK for free.



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