At the Institute of Imagination, we believe imagination is the superpower of the 21st Century, and that all children have the power to be creative and think imaginatively, which opens the door to a wealth of other competencies. Explore the different ways that we connect with our families & communities.

My Big Idea 

What big idea would you create using technology to help your local community?

My Big Idea offers a day of imagination for children and their parents/guardians to play, learn, and invent together through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths-based (STEAM) workshops. 

Each event is co-created with a community hub partner and is themed around community + a key learning topic, such as literacy, technology, numeracy, or environmental issues. Children take part in workshops led by industry experts and supported by local volunteers. The activities support the development of key skills, and their learning is acknowledged with a certificate and activities to continue the creativity at home.    

In 2023, the Institute of Imagination delivered My Big Idea events in Newham and Lambeth with 379 people attending.

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Digital Heroes

Digital Heroes is an immersive digital access and digital skills programme. The programme is designed to increase creative thinking, digital literacy and skills, as well as build children’s confidence and aspiration for their future.  

The iOi partners with community organisations to ensure the most underserved and underrepresented communities can be reached, so that all young people can explore the digital world and build core skills and literacies. Children attend after-school workshops where they learn to use a variety of exciting technologies, from creative coding to exploring virtual reality and robotics.

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