A community event for children and families brought to you by the Institute of Imagination (iOi)

What is My Big Idea?

My Big Idea offers a day of imagination for children and their parents/guardians to play, learn, and invent together through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths-based (STEAM) workshops. 

My Big Idea empowers children to come up with their own ideas in response to real-world issues and offers them a platform to share these ideas with their community through two children’s showcases. Each event is co-created with a community hub partner and is themed around community + a key learning topic, such as literacy, technology, numeracy, or environmental issues. Children take part in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths-based workshops led by industry experts and supported by local volunteers. The activities support the development of key skills, and their learning is acknowledged with a certificate and activities to continue the creativity at home.    

In 2023, the Institute of Imagination delivered My Big Idea events in Newham and Lambeth with 379 people attending. 

You can read a blog post about My Big Idea in Lambeth here.

Support My Big Idea

If you would like to find out more about the Institute of Imagination’s My Big Idea Community Events, and how you can support the work of the Institute of Imagination, please email development@ioi.london


Parents were delighted to witness the positive impact that My Big Idea had on their children. Here are some of the key skills and experiences parents noticed their children gained from the event: 

  • Confidence: Many parents noticed a boost in their children’s confidence as they had the opportunity to showcase their ideas and receive recognition for their creativity.  
  • Inclusion: The event fostered a sense of inclusion among children, allowing them to interact and collaborate with others.  
  • Fine Motor Skills: Engaging in activities like LEGO building and junk modelling helped children develop their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  
  • Creativity: My Big Idea sparked the creative thinking of children, inspiring them to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions to improve their local community.  
  • Fun: Parents highlighted the enjoyment children experienced, commenting on how engaging the event was for children and adults alike.  
  • Concentration and Focus: Parents noticed how engaged children were with the activities and noted how much time and attention they gave to making their creations.
  • Understanding the World and Technology: children gained a deeper understanding of the role technology can play in addressing community needs. They were able to explore the possibilities and potential applications of technology in a real-world context.  
  • Problem Solving: Being able to realise their ideas through different creative outlets (LEGO, Virtual Reality and 3D modelling) allowed children to make mistakes, tinker and learn through trial and error.
  • Knowing They Can Create Their Own World: Participating in the event allowed children to realise that they have the power to shape the world through their ideas and inventions.  
  • Teamwork and Learning from Others: Interacting with their peers and hearing their ideas provided children with a valuable learning experience. They were exposed to different perspectives and learned from the innovative ideas of others.  
  • A Different Angle on the World’s Needs: My Big Idea encouraged children to think critically about the needs of their community and how their ideas could address those needs. It broadened their perspective and allowed them to consider unconventional approaches.  

Children’s ideas from My Big Idea have included bin drones and litter picking robots, water cleaning submarines, wind powered land boats, smart exhaust pipe filters to keep air clean, smart prisons, local green power factories, clothes recycling robots and time machines to better understand history.