Consultancy at the iOi

The institute of Imagination provides regular services to companies, organisations and institutions wishing to apply our rich experience and expertise in imagination, play and creativity to services or with your organisation’s employees. We do this through two programmes:  


Creative Teams: Designed to power your company’s creativity 

Tailored Consultancy: Designed to enhance your company’s work  

Creative Teams

Creative Teams is a programme for your employees. We immerse company teams in fun and playful activities that accelerate the growth of their creative skills. Read about the programme here and build a tailored Creative Teams programme of workshops by contacting us.  

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We work with a broad range of companies and organisation’s who need support in particular areas of their project based work including content development, experience design and events and workshops. Read more about what we offer here, who we have worked with and get in touch to understand how we can support your work.  

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Build your Creative Team

To begin a discussion on building your Creative Teams session, email Tom Doust, iOi Associate Director at, or call 0207 494 9153.