iOi STEAM Live

Teachers! Ignite your students’ passion for STEAM education with the Institute of Imagination’s (iOi) STEAM Live workshops!

Embark on a journey into a world of wonder, where science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics come to life through captivating shows and immersive, hands-on workshops. Our dedicated team of STEAM facilitators are experts at harnessing the power of imagination and creativity to transform learning into an educational adventure.

At the iOi, we’ve meticulously designed each workshop and show to seamlessly align with Key Stage curriculum and cater to specific audiences. It’s an exploration like no other, where your students can immerse themselves in fresh ideas, uncover the enchantment of STEAM in the world around them, share intriguing facts, and embrace exciting challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to inspire and empower your students on their STEAM education journey. Become a part of the iOi experience today!

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Teachers and educators! Step into the world of ImagineED, where the enchantment of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) comes to life through making and creating.

With ImagineED, you unlock a gateway to comprehensive professional development and training, unwavering community support, and invaluable resources. Whether you’re a passionate educator, a forward-thinking institution, or a visionary community, we’re here to empower your educational journey.

Join us in the quest to elevate education, ignite creativity, and equip our learners for a future without bounds. Together, we’ll shape the leaders, innovators, and problem solvers of tomorrow. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of STEAM education with ImagineED today. And if you’re already participating in iOi STEAM Live, enjoy complimentary access to ImagineED!

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Digital Leaders 4

Join the Institute of Imagination, in partnership with Islington Council, supported by LEO Academy Trust, Chiltern Learning Trust, and King’s Cross Academy School for an exciting new pupil-led Digital Leaders 4 Sustainability Programme. This free, fun, online meet up will happen every half-term with specials guests and interviews, led by pupils (your schools could have a chance at leading a session!).

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