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What do we offer for schools?

Our iOi Schools Programme is completely free of charge for all state primary schools. It provides children with explorative cross-curricular workshops across STEM/STEAM disciplines, teacher CPD and Show and Tell opportunity to build confidence and communication.

We work with over 200 schools across England. Our Schools Programme is delivered each half term and as schools are recognising the importance of integrating our work into their curriculum learning, they continue to work with us on a termly basis – completely free of charge to the schools.

Building life skills such as creative thinking, problem solving resilience and aspiration setting is essential for children in our rapidly changing world. We work with our impact schools to measure these outcomes.

We provide and deliver all the teacher prep, workshop delivery (live digital broadcast into your classroom) and resources you need for your school across KS1 and KS2. Saving time and resources for teachers, we provide a free physical toolkit of resources which we post out to your school and digital lesson plans and resources to use in your school.

Sign up your school now – free of charge using the forms below for the relevant term:

Spring Term 2024

Summer Term 2024

View our brochure below to see dates for the Spring and Summer Terms 2023/24. Or download here.

What does the programme include?

  • Teacher CPD and Workshop Prep –  to build on creative thinking and how to incorporate this into your teaching and learning.
  • Live workshops – we deliver the workshops through live broadcast streamed into your classroom from our studio at School 360 in East London.
  • Show and Tell sessions – opportunities for children to present and share their work, ideas or even challenges they faced as well as evidencing their work.
  • Free resources (We provide toolkits directly to your school, presentations, lesson plans and extension material – with everything you need for the workshops and ready to begin)

STEP 1:  Sign up your school – choose the theme and workshops and the number of classes

STEP 2: You receive your toolkits which we post to your school. We send you all the links you need for your Teacher Prep and all the digital resources you need.

STEP 3: On the day of the live workshops, you join us from your classroom through the link we provide ready with your toolkits.

STEP 4: We guide you though the workshop and give your children time to innovate, create and tinker.

STEP 5: You join the Show and Tell session where we get to discuss and see all the wonderful creations the children have made. A chance for children to practise communication and presentation skills.

Why should you sign up your school?

The workshops are designed to be integrated into the curriculum and are an engaging way of involving children in the theory and practice of STEM/ STEAM while they are also having fun. Children will gain the vital lifelong skills of: problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity. The programme will enhance children’s development, increasing resilience, improving wellbeing and capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

As we are a charity, we offer the Schools Programme free of charge, however, it does cost us to create and distribute the toolkits so we please ask you attend with the classes you have signed up. Otherwise we reserve the right to charge schools for the cost of the toolkits.

Have any questions? Please email us:

The iOi Schools Programme workshops sit within three themes:

Save Make Reinvent –  exploring sustainability and the circular economy through immersive workshops like Junk Bots, Natural Inks, and Coding Inventions!
(Curriculum links – Science, Computing, Electronics, DT, Art & Design)

Imagine Me Imagine You – exploring self-regulation and the neuroscience of our unique brains to understand what makes us all different.
(Curriculum links – Science, PSHE, Coding/Computing)

Wild Eco Builders – (co-created with the LEGO Group)  How the science of nature can inspire us to imagine creative sustainable solutions when designing architecture and inventions for the cities and communities we live in.
For Wild Cities workshop we are able to offer free LEGO® bricks to schools who participate.
(Curriculum links – Science, Maths, Coding/Computing, DT, Art & Design)

  • “Working with the iOi has given a purpose to our learning through critical thinking and creativity. Teachers now have the confidence for creative approaches to the curriculum and demonstrate how creative thinking can help cross-curricular learning.”

    David Huntingford, Headteacher of William Ford Junior School in Dagenham

  • “The iOi helped us use our imagination. We use our collaborative skills to create something new.”

    Pupil, Keir Hardie Primary School

  • “I thoroughly recommend as there are plenty of cross curricular links, it’s a big thumbs up from us here at Duncombe!”

    Headteacher, Duncombe Primary

  • “It was a good ‘wow moment’. It reignites their (both teachers and children’s) interest, pushes them. It was a boost, so even the teachers can highlight what they were learning.”

    Katie, ICT Lead

  • “The programme brought on their creativity. It highlighted critical thinking, ability to adapt, and multi-tasking.”

    Nick, Class Teacher, Keir Hardie Primary School

Chat with us

If you’re a school focussing on children aged 5-11 and want to find out more about how to get involved in the iOi Schools Programme, then book in a slot to chat with one of our team members. Or you can email us at