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volunteer with the iOi

We are always looking for enthusiastic and willing volunteers to help us with our public events. If you’re interested, all you have to do to apply is fill in this simple form. If you have any further questions just email

  • Jana Manuelpillai

    “I have found volunteering with the Institute of Imagination a thrill. It has opened my eyes to how technology and creativity can go hand in hand in making education more exciting and more relevant to our youngsters growing up today. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know that innovation and out-of-the-box thinking must be part of it. Simple features like the mindfulness integration into each workshop or the emphasis on trial and error testing of ideas brought home to me that there is still room for fresh thinking in education today and that the potential kids have is not even half fulfilled by the current school system.”

  • Sam Griffiths

    “I love volunteering for the iOi — it’s amazing to see what the kids put in and get out of the activities – it never fails to be inspiring.”

  • Neill Bogie

    “I easily got out much more than I put in!  I gained new perspectives from children and adults alike, inspiration and ideas for my normal coding clubs and maker events, a chance to work with a very talented, creative, and friendly team, and a larger network of other passionate, skilled educators. Most importantly, I had hours of FUN witnessing great kids both imagining and applying the tools we gave them to leverage that imagination.

    I also love that the iOi properly involves parents in their weekend activities. By inspiring parents alongside their kids, and increasing their confidence during (for example) my micro:bit coding/making days, I hope we’ve helped them to give more meaningful and continued support to their children at home, and perhaps to discover another shared hobby to bond over!

    I would recommend everyone with a spark of imagination (that’s you!) to apply to volunteer at iOi, and all families to visit their events – they’re reliably great!”

  • Selene Heath

    “I really enjoy volunteering with iOi as it is a wonderful opportunity to share my passion for creative technology within the joyful environment that the iOi creates for young people.
    It has been so inspiring to see young people have the opportunity to stretch their creative problem solving skills through exploring and experimenting at the iOi workshops.
    The iOi team have introduced me to new IT gadgets and computer programs through my volunteering, which has given me new skills and personally has been such an interesting exploration process.
    Also, it’s been a joy working with like minded people who care about making technology/STEM more inclusive and accessible for all children. It’s such a big, positive step forward compared to when I was growing up.”