With David Attenborough’s latest series The Green Planet airing now on the BBC, we look at five ways you can bring the greenery to your classroom!

1. BBC Bitesize

CBBC have created a tropical plant themed science Live Lesson for 7-11 year-olds presented by Naomi Wilkinson and Bitesize Daily’s Mr McPartlin, featuring footage from the show. They be looking at different parts of flowers and trees and learning what they need to grow and survive, as well as finding out about some of the tiny creatures that reply on plants in the rainforest. They are doing live classroom sessions as well as downloadable resources.

2. Make a DIY Microscope and Take a Closer Look At Nature

One of our favourite activities at the Institute of imagination is to experiment with our own microscopes! Using a simple small lense and some blutack, you will be able to transform a smartphone, or tablet phone into a microscope. Check out the full instructions on iOi at Home – our on-demand platform service, creative content 24/7.

3. Have Plants in the Classroom

Research shows that have larger, low-maintenance plants can improve wellbeing of children in classrooms of all ages.

“Plants in a teaching environment have been reported to improve learners’ perceptions of the quality of teaching, and they’ve had a particularly positive effect in schools and classrooms that are otherwise surrounded by little green space, have low light levels or are windowless,” says Tijana Blanusa, principal horticultural scientist at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

4. Germinate Your Own Seeds

If you want to explore how plants start out, what better way than to grow your own plants from seeds! It’s a relatively quick process and you’ll be able to see results within a week. If you use a glass jar, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it too. This could form an introduction to scientific investigation, asking children what they think the seed will do, and for them to record their observations each day. Read more on howwelearn.

5. Create Your Own Flower Pressing Bookmark

Teach children how to make art from things found in nature. Find some flowers, leaves or other plants that can be safely picked and transform them into a bookmark, or a gift for someone else. You could even sell the bookmarks as part of a fundraiser for the school or leave them in the school library for children to take home. Find the full instructions on the RHS Schools Gardening site.

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