The founding message of World Book Day is that reading is fun, relevant, accessible, and has the power to transform lives. 2022 marks the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day, and so to mark this occasion, why not create your own books this year using just a single sheet of paper. This year’s theme, ‘You Are a Reader’, presents the perfect opportunity to share your stories in a classroom, with friends, or at home.


Here 9 simple steps to create a 6-page zine.

You will need:

  • An A4 sheet of paper
  • Scissors
  • Pens or pencils (and anything else you may want to bring your story to life!)

1) Fold the piece of paper in half lengthwise

2) Open the paper out and then fold it width ways, dividing the sheet into quarters with the folds

3) Open the paper out again and fold both edges in to the middle, dividing the sheet into 8 sections

4) Fold it over width ways again and cut a slit at the folded edge

5) Open the paper out and fold in again lengthwise

6) Stand the paper up with the folded edge at the top

7) Hold both ends and push them to middle

8) Press the edges together and fold them into book

9) Now it’s time to bring the pages to life! You could turn it into a storyboard, a short comic book or even a game!

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