Looking for a fun activity to get your family making at home? Try your hand at making a Tumblewing Glider with our How To inspiration.

In this video, we explore the power of flight by building a Tumblewing Glider that’s kept afloat through channelling rising air.

Download your Tumblewing Glider template here, you’ll need to print this to do this activity at home.

Watch the video through a few times to understand how to build your glider, then get testing its powers of flight! Beat our record and keep your glider flying for more than four minutes.

Can you see the tumblewing rolling away from you? When you push the cardboard along, air hits it and rushes up the cardboard, pushing the tumblewing up from underneath, which keeps it in the air. Here’s some extra things to explore, to help you think about how the glider works:

  • How fast or slow do you need to walk to keep the tumblewing in the air?
  • How close to the cardboard do you need to keep the tumblewing to keep it in the air?
  • How can you move the cardboard to make the tumblewing fly higher?
  • Can you race your tumblewing?

The video was produced in partnership with Rolls-Royce, as part of our programme of activities at the Imagination Lab exploring flight and electrification. Find more on Twitter with #RollsRoyceSTEM

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