Looking for a hands-on activity to get your family making at home? Try out making a Paper Rocket Launcher with our latest How To inspiration.

In this video, we explore the power of flight with a simple paper rocket launcher that you can make at home with every day materials.

Watch the video through a few times to get the hang of the activity.

Here’s some extra things to think about, so you can adapt the challenge and keep prototyping:

  • What would happen to your rocket if you change the bottle size or shape?
  • How could you change your rocket launcher so that you can stamp on the bottle to make your rocket go higher?
  • How can you change the shape of the wings to make it more aerodynamic?
  • What can you do to personalise your rocket with your own designs?

The video was produced in partnership with Rolls-Royce as part of our exploration of flight and electrification. Share with #RollsRoyceSTEM

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