Try out our latest How To video! This time, we’re exploring Junk Modelling, making futuristic flying machines from everyday materials.

In this video, we explore the power of flight with junk modelling. You can use pretty much anything lying around the house for junk modelling. The idea is to combine crafts, rubbish, recyclables and objects together in imaginative ways. In this video we’re exploring flight, so all the materials are being used to make flying machines which a strong fan or hairdryer can blow into the air.

Watch the video through a few times to get some inspiration.

Here’s some extra things to think about to help you explore different inventions

  • How light does your machine need to be to fly, based on the power you have with your fan or hairdryer?
  • What adjustments can you make to make it fly higher or hover?
  • How fast can you make it go by changing materials?
  • What materials do you think will float and what materials do you think will sink?
  • Can you make your machine spin?

The video was produced in partnership with Rolls-Royce as part of our exploration of flight and electrification. Share it with #RollsRoyceSTEM

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