Welcome to the Save Make Reinvent Resource page! Here you will find all of the resources you need for the workshops you are taking part in.

What is Save Make Reinvent?
A fun and engaging way to introduce sustainability into the classroom. Through the circular economy we look at how we can take used materials that we have in the home and school, and empower children to apply their imagination to Save Make and Reinvent someone’s waste into another person’s treasure. Complete your Teacher Training, and watch our activity videos below to get a better understanding of the workshops you have signed up for!

Teacher Training:
Complete your Save Make Reinvent Teacher Training on Thinkific ahead of the Teacher Prep session after half-term. Simply create an account and complete the courses for the activities you have signed up for. Do you have any questions? Want to share what your school have created? Utilise the Imagination Champions community tool on Thinkific to share, learn and inspire others. You can also view the Teacher Prep recording.

Explore the Workshop Assignment Template:
The rubric allows children to reflect on the skills they have exhibited during the activity, including their strengths, and what they could develop more.

Top Tips on how to best prepare for the workshops below!

Additional Materials List

Natural Inks

Watch our Natural Inks activity video below!

Junk Bots

Watch our Junk Bots activity video below!

Digital Storytelling

Storyboard Additional Resource for print!
Watch our Stop Frame Animation activity video below!

Toolkit Insert

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