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Math Explorers
Learn to express numbers and arithmetical operations through imagination, colours and movement games. Come and play!

Code, play, create and connect the physical and digital worlds. Design, draw and code and test your Robot.

A simple, fun way to make and play with technology, and take control of the world around you and build a computer!

OhBot Robot
Check out the constructed and programmed moving Robot Head. Make it say what ever you want!

Shattered Glass to Chandelier
Explore language through poetry. Investigating your favourite words creating rhyming couplets. Imagine, improvise and engage!

London Brain Project
Explore brain science through arts. Bead your Brain, using a coding system to decipher the various parts – decode your daily activities and work out which brain parts you use, and then recode them.

Royal Academy of Dance
Recode through dance! Come and create a ‘codified’ movement vocabulary, using voice and sound to create a performance piece.

Build your own ‘body armor’ with ‘superpowers’. Enlarge your ear so you can hear everything, create larger feet that would shoot your off like a rocket, or make you run as fast as the wind, using simple recyclables, tape, glue and pens.

YoSteam – Special activities for Girls in Tech
Transition your smartphone into a portable UV blacklight and use our dark space to hide and test it. Trap light and make any phone cover, handbag, or item of clothing iridescent. Come to the Chroma Key Studio and try some Augmented Reality Make Up!

Come into the world of the Doodleman! There will be blank faced characters, half-filled clusters of doodles, empty cars, windows and holes to add to your doodles. Let your imagination run free, stop thinking and let the Doodles take over.

School of Noise
Explore the Telegraph Key – deciphering morse code messages into language. Use a synthesiser to change one sound into another by using filters and oscillators and build a cardboard record player, using just a piece of card, 2p, a pin and some tape.

Vivid Drinks
Create your drink and make your own product.

Dance to your algorithm
Code your own choreography moves and teach people to dance.

Technology will Save us
Move with the Mover Kit that reacts to your movement with light and can be coded in infinite ways! Make a plywood shadow puppet frame and make a light sabre! a craft activity, involving even more swooshing and movement!

FUZE workshops provide an exciting and easy approach to learning to code, using real text-based coding. Then move on to coding electronics, robots and working with sensors.

Maths Dance
Discover different ways to express numbers and arithmetic operations other than using numbers and symbols, colours and movement through games and challenges.

Engage in scientific discovery in the most fun and creative way with the Okido team!

Restart Project
We are consuming too fast, creating unnecessary waste. Break the cycle. Bring your old electronic toys and fix or redesign them for more fun play.

The team from Imagination Lab will have
Dash Robot
Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having.

Poetry Wall
Come and express yourself. Recode you thoughts and feeling into poetry on our Poetry Wall.

Hack our logo
Recode our logo into Morse code.

3D printing
Check out some 3D printing projects that will be running.

Book here for ‘lab live’