Welcome to the Imagine Me, Imagine You resource page! Here you will find information about the programme, digital resources and our top tips to make sure you are prepared for the workshops.

What is Imagine, Me Imagine You?

Imagine Me, Imagine You explores the neuroscience of the brain to celebrate our differences, connecting the magic of what makes me, me, and what makes you, you. This theme will focus on creativity, resilience and self- regulation skills that help to support our wellbeing.

How to prepare for the workshops and what to expect

We will send you links via email to join the workshops a couple of weeks beforehand. When it’s time for the workshop, click on the link to join us live in our studio! We love hearing from schools so you can use the chat function to ask us any questions throughout. If you want to test you can access our workshops and your computers work beforehand, please click here.


ImagineED  is our platform where you can access all the resources you will need to print off ready for the workshop, as well as find out what materials you will need to prepare for your class. Simply create an account, using the code we emailed you to get free access and complete the courses for the activities you have signed up for.

Join the community

Be part of our online community for educators participating in the iOi Schools Programme alongside you and your school. It’s free to join, and the places where you can share photos of what your children have created, ask questions, and talk to like-minded teachers who are passionate about nurturing creativity in their students.

Access the Imagination Champion community.

Balancing ‘Me’ Sculptures

Watch our video on the right to learn about how to get ready for the workshop or download our quick guide.


Laughing Automata

Watch our video on the right to learn about how to get ready for the workshop or download our quick guide.



Coding Our Emotions

Watch our video on the right to learn about how to get ready for the workshop or download our quick guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my school is unable to attend after I have signed up?
Please do contact us as soon as possible so we are aware so we can either cancel delivery of your toolkit materials or arrange for it to be returned to us. We may need to charge you for this so please get in touch as soon as you can.

Can I change which classes will be taking part after I have signed up?  
If you would like to make any changes to your sign ups please email us on schools@ioi.london

What is Teacher Prep?
Teacher Prep(aration!) is an online session specifically for teachers who will be in the classroom, supporting their classes during the Digital Storytelling workshop. This is a fun hands-on session where we will demonstrate how to get your class and resources ready for the workshop, including set-up tips and equipment checks.

What is the teacher training that iOi offers?
iOi STEAM Live training is available on ImagineED and provides teachers with all the resources they will need to print or prepare ahead of the workshop. It also provides a step by step guide on how to do the activity so we recommend making your own creation first so you know how to support your class in making their own.

We also have an additional version of the course available on ImagineED, which is aimed at teachers who would like to deliver it independently and includes lesson plans ad extension activities. These provide teachers an opportunity to enhance their creative teaching practice, and pedagogical skills.

All ImagineED training is available online to complete in your own time.

How do I sign up to ImagineED?
Please follow this link and use our our free access code we shared in an email to you and your fellow teachers.

Do I need to attend both the Teacher Prep session and complete the ImagineED training? What’s the difference?
Teacher Prep is a recommended live online workshop to help you get the best out of specifically our more digital workshops (e.g. Digital Storytelling) and as it is live it means you can also ask us any questions ahead of the workshop. ImagineED can be done at anytime as part of Continuous Professional Development. It is not a requirement to do both but we do recommend it. If you are joining our workshops, you will receive a code for free access to ImagineED.

What tech do I need to set up to show the online broadcast?
You will need your desktop computer and interactive whiteboard with speakers to stream the workshop much like you would a usual lesson. You can test if it works by visiting our test stream.

Are the apps I need to download free?
Yes, all of the apps you need (as listed above in the workshop preparation sections) are completely free to download.

I can’t add apps to the tablets at my school, what should I do?
If your IT lead needs to do this for you, please ensure that they are aware and do this at least a week before the workshop. If you have any issues with these, please do get in touch.

Will I need my camera on for the session?
You do not need a camera to access the workshops. If you would like to join the mini show and tell at the end of the workshop session you will need a camera to do so, but this is not compulsory.

How can I prepare my pupils ahead of the workshop?
Follow the Teacher Prep resource for each workshop listed on this page which explains the steps you can take to get your class ready beforehand.

What resources do I need to prepare?
Take a look at the checklists listed on this page for each workshop.

What happens during the workshop?
During the live broadcast workshop, iOi presenters will take you and your class on our iOi experience. You will be:

  • Introduced to the theme and activity and get your imagination muscles working with interactive questions and classroom discussions.
  • Then it’s your turn to get making! Using your materials and resources you have prepared; your pupils will respond to the challenge set by the presenters.
  • The workshop ends with all classes coming back to together to take part in Mini Show & Tell.

How can I help facilitate during the workshop for my students?

  • You can help facilitate by ensuring you are all set-up with equipment and resources to have a seamless fun experience. Prepare and get your pupils excited – tell them about the workshop, ask them to be all ears, eyes and hands so that you can interact with the iOi team and support your class during the workshop.
  • If you have teaching support, please brief them on what will be happening, or ask them to join you for the Teacher Prep session if you’re doing a digital workshop. They are also welcome to complete the ImagineED course.

I didn’t hear one of the instructions as part of the broadcast! What shall I do?
Don’t worry at all! You can pause the livestream to talk with your class or type in the chat to ask for consolidation or a recap of what you have missed. We are here to help.

Where can I find likeminded teachers and share some of the amazing work my pupils have made?
If you sign up to ImagineED, here you’ll find your fellow teachers and educators with whom you can collaborate, ask questions to them and the iOi team and share ideas and photos of your work.

What is the Grand Show and Tell?
The Grand Show and Tell session is a fantastic opportunity for children to present their work, reflect on each other’s ideas, and celebrate their participation in the programme even if they haven’t completed their projects, or if they no longer have their projects in the classroom. We also often have guest speakers from industry to inspire your class to learn about different professions.

How do we participate in the Grand Show and Tell?
Just like the workshops, we will send you the link to access the Show and Tell session. You just need to join the stream with your class when it’s time.