iOi Wild Cities Challenge

Pick an animal and its trait then choose a building such as a school, a supermarket or a playground, and create a sustainable city of the future.​ Take a look at some animal traits below to help inspire your Wild City.

Follow our step-by-step guide to bring your Wild City to life!

Example 1 – Giraffe Bakery

This bakery stays cool even when the oven is on. Its is inspired by giraffe’s spots and its ability to regulate temperature.

Example 2 – Beaver

This airport stands on rivers just like a beaver’s dam. It generates energy from river water and houses many ecosystems while providing a space for planes to land and take off.

Example 3 – Spider

This hospital has eight legs, just like a spider and can travel very fast and on many different surfaces to get to those in need.

We want to see your Wild Cities

Send us some photos of your Wild Cities, Invention Sheets, and your own Wild Cities cards to, or tag/message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We can’t wait to see what you have created!